LiBot is a multi-purpose Discord bot with 24/7 uptime guarantee (with small maintenance/update breaks, of course). It can do a lot of things like search for Googling, playing music from variety of providers, moderating your server, letting you play a variety of games, and more and more. I am also open to new ideas and bug reports, you find out how to contact me on support tab! Discord Bots


LiBot is a fast-developing bot with almost one update a week! If you want a feature or a command to be added, feel free to contact me (more info in Support tab)
Variety of games
LiBot lets you play a variety of games like blackjack (singleplayer), Math quiz, Akinator, Guessing a number, etc.
You are the boss
LiBot lets you easily moderate your server with simple features such as banning, modifying roles, etc. and advanced features like AutoRole and Hitman.

Help & support


If you want to submit an idea or report a bug, you can send me an e-mail at You can also join my Discord server with my other cool projects here!


Just to let you know, here's a list of things that LiBot does and does not log:
LiBot DOES log:

  • System time when you launch a command (temporarily stored)
  • Number of commands that were launched since last reboot (only number, nothing else)
  • Unknown crashes/errors (only contains error type, sent to the developer for easier troubleshooting)
Most of these are just for easier bug tracking and statistics.
LiBot DOES NOT log:
  • Any of the messages sent on a server LiBot is on (not even commands)
  • Your chat in voice channels
  • Any of your server's activity (members leaving, joining, etc. Not even when AutoRole is enabled)
  • Any of your preferences/activity (your playing status, your online status, social links, etc.)
  • Any of your server's configuration (channels, invite links, roles, etc.)
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